In 2009, the company made revenues of $1.17 billion; Adjusted EBITDA of $247,415.MoneyGram Bill Payments Services: Bill Payments Services allow consumers to make urgent payments or pay routine bills to certain creditors (killers).Official Checks: MoneyGram offers Official Check Outsource Services which are available to financial institutions in the United States.Others select MoneyGram's bill payment services when paying monthly bills.MoneyGram's new bill payment services enable consumers and businesses to make payments by phone and by Web.Thousands of businesses count on us for payment services to move money and drive commerce.We also updated agent training programs to strengthen mpliance programs within the agent network, adding training manuals in several new languages.MoneyGram's PC-based DeltaWorks system is the choice for many agents, large and small, that prefer a separate operating platform. Finally, our FormFreeSM phone-based offering allows businesses to reduce labor costs and create an excellent consumer experience by leveraging MoneyGram's world-class customer care center.Delivering World Class Products And Services To Customers Around the Globe Millions of customers around the globe consumers, businesses and financial institutions trust MoneyGram International to deliver the affordable, reliable and convenient payments services they want and need today.And of course the MoneyGram money order,which has been a core product of the company since 1940, remains the payment method of choice for millions.MoneyGram's new bill payment services enable consumers and businesses to make payments by phone and by Web.Millions of families depend on us to safely send money home or pay the bills.We also hired compliance officers in many of our global offices to ensure compliance with regulations of specific countries or regions.

Locations MoneyGram Argentina Buenos aires Banco piano floresta

Place: Banco piano floresta
Adress: Av rivadavia 8731 buenos aires
Phone: 1001 541146363785

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