One company, Minneapolis-based Travelers Express Co. Inc. was founded in 1940 and became the worlds largest processor of money orders and a major player in the electronic payments industry.In September 2010, MoneyGram announced that it will move its global headquarters to the city of Dallas, Texas, although Minneapolis, Minnesota will continue to be the hub for its Global Operations and Information Technology Centers of Excellence, and Denver, Colorado will continue to host its Call Center Operations.The company first passed the billion dollar mark in revenue in 2006.MoneyGram has as 2,600 employees around the world.The company is 82% owned by THL (53%) and Goldman Sachs (29%).PropertyBridge: Financial Paper Products.Official checks are used by consumers where a payee requires a check drawn on a bank and by financial institutions to pay their own obligations.And of course the MoneyGram money order,which has been a core product of the company since 1940, remains the payment method of choice for millions.We also provide a wide range of ACH processing services and continue to deliver traditional official check and money order products through thousands of financial institutions.This is a trust that MoneyGram takes very seriously. MoneyGram implemented many changes to its technology platforms designed to prevent or detect suspicious transactions.Our point-of-sale systems are continually upgraded to provide the latest new products and functionality.Our consumers and agents expect reliability and safety and that is precisely what MoneyGram continues to deliver, transaction by transaction.They administer Know-Your-Customer reviews and analyze data from millions of transactions.

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