Travelers Express and MoneyGram Payment Systems joined forces in 1998 when Travelers Express parent, Viad Corp., purchased MoneyGram Payment Systems.The company, which was founded in Minneapolis as Travelers Express, started as a small money order operation in 1940.MoneyGram has more than twice the locations of McDonald's, Starbucks, Subway and Walmart combined.MoneyGram's money transfer business generated growth in revenue and transaction volume last year and the global agent network increased by 8 percent.In addition to person-to-person (also known as cash-to-cash), customers have alternatives in money transfer delivery channels such as direct-to-account, ATMs and kiosks for deposit and cash receive, cash-to-a mobile phone and cash-to-card.Money orders can be purchased at a network of retail and financial institution locations across the United States.For individuals living and working far from home, MoneyGram's international money transfer service provides a great solution for sending money to family and friends.Customers in the U.S. can now send money transfers or pay bills online through the MoneyGram eMoney Transfer service, as well as conveniently pay for groceries or rent a car using a MoneyGram prepaid card.Millions of families depend on us to safely send money home or pay the bills.They administer Know-Your-Customer reviews and analyze data from millions of transactions.AgentConnect allows agents to integrate the money transfer ervice with their internal security and training processes.And of course the MoneyGram money order,which has been a core product of the company since 1940, remains the payment method of choice for millions.MoneyGram's new bill payment services enable consumers and businesses to make payments by phone and by Web.

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