He was the head of "east brigade, over "the western brigade James Gamble supervised.Every day the line added on the average 10-12 miles.When telegraph has reached Salt Lake City from the east on October, 17th, 1861 Brigs telegraphed to president Abraham Linkoln that despite rumours the State of Utah did not leave the Union.In the first day of the trades at a stock exchange shares of company have grown on 3,3 % and their cost has reached $19,96.In February, 2009 the company has entered into the agreement with company Fexco about acquisition of 100 % of stocks for $159,9 million.Together with our Agents, we speak our consumers' languages and live in our consumers' neighborhoods.They are the living, breathing manifestation of who we are as a company and everything we stand for:Western Union safety system and the high level of service allow you to save time while sending/ receiving money.The form has to be submitted to Krajbanka employee by presenting him/her a valid persons ID, and then you have to pay in the transfer amount.In the form you have to mention the name and surname of the receiver, amount of the expected transfer, name and surname of the money sender and the money transfer control number (the sender will tell you the money transfer control number).It has been placed about 765 million usual shares of company in the market.In 2007 the company has carried out 167,7 million operations on remittances between physical persons and 404,6 million transactions between physical and juridical persons.This bargain has allowed Western Union to supervise directly more than 10 ??? thousand service stations which belonged Fexco in 7 countries of Europe (Great Britain, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland).

Locations Western union Brazil Campo grande Bradesco calogeras ucg ms

Place: Bradesco calogeras ucg ms
Adress: Avenida afonso pena 1826 esqu ag 2201 campo grande
Phone: 79002-949 +55-67-30038297

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