In five states in the west of the United States two competing systems of cable communication belonging to 13 different companies, operated.Building of the first transcontinental line.In 1860 the Congress releases Pacific Telegraph Pact, ordering the organisation of the tender for creation of a transcontinental line.Engineers predicted to the project term in 10 years, however Edward Creighton - the young and smart agent of the company the Western the Union has crossed the frozen rivers and deserted plains to plan some ways on which the cable route could go.Creighton and Gamble have managed to convince local residents (Indians) that the telegraph was a voice of great spirit of Manitu and it cannot be harmed.It has been spent only 112 days for building.On October, 2nd, 2006 the company has carried out a primary public offer of stocks at New York stock exchange, becoming an independent from First Data company.In 2007 the company has carried out 167,7 million operations on remittances between physical persons and 404,6 million transactions between physical and juridical persons.Western Union offers one of the easiest ways for families and friends to send money and stay connected almost anywhere in the world.As a result, our Agents and employees are more like ambassadors. They are ambassadors of trust.Just within a few minutes the transferred money is available to the receiver.You can send the money at any Krajbanka's Client Service Centers after filling out the money sending form.How to receive the transfer?

Locations Western union Mexico Guadalajara

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