For three years (1851-1854) quantity of cable offices Western Union has increased from 132 to 4000, and corporate capital - from 220 thousand to 48 million dollars.The same year Sibley was possible to redeem the patent for telegraph Morze, at that point in time the most perfect.Using such way of message transfer, 10 days were required for delivery of telegrammes and letters from Saint Joseph to Sacramento, California.Even president Abraham Linkoln then said to the president of company Hiram Sibley, that it's a mad idea, as even if the line will manage to be finished Indians will destroy it.The first cable poles have been established on July, 4th, 1861.Cable wires have been connected in a unite line on October, 24th, 1861 in Salt-Lake City.At the same time the first transcontinental telegramme sent to president Abraham Linkoln by Supreme judge Stephen Field, reported that California remains in the Union.Division of the companies claimed two aims: first, to give Western Union possibility to develop more intensively, and secondly, to help First Data to return to the primary activity (in 1992 the company was stood out from payment system of American Express as the independent financial company).This bargain has allowed Western Union to supervise directly more than 10 ??? thousand service stations which belonged Fexco in 7 countries of Europe (Great Britain, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland).And we share our consumers' cultures. We are a significant part of each other's lives.Integrity. Partnership. Opportunity. Passion. Teamwork.How to send the money?The Krajbanka employee will issue the money transfer control number, which shall be notified to the receiver of the money in the case if in the respective country the money transfer control number is compulsory requirement to receive the transfer.

Locations Western union Turkey Bursa Finansbank

Place: Finansbank
Adress: Orhanbey mah basak cad aktan ap 3 bursa heykel bursa
Phone: +90-224-2248323

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